Antique Paul de Lamerie style silver rose bowl

Antique Paul de Lamerie style silver rose bowl


Large, heavy and impressive silver rose bowl in the rococo style of Paul de Lamerie, hand-chased with a cartouche on either side. One cartouche is plain while the other has a family rest of a lion holding a ladder with the Latin motto in promptu meaning in readiness.

Bands of hand-chased lattice work are interspersed with scallop shells and floral work around the rim and stepped base, while vertical bands of cast and applied foliage and bell flowers are set against a mottled background. All decorations are crisp and finely detailed and the interior is gilded, making it suitable for use as a fruit or punch bowl.

Paul de Lamerie (1688-1751) was the greatest silversmith working in England in the 18th century and his richly decorated designs, with characteristic rococo motifs - bold scrollwork, flowers and shells, were frequently replicated in the Victorian era.

This fine silver rose bowl is not available to purchase online. Please get in touch if you are interested to buy it.


Height 230 mm / 9 "
Diameter 320 mm / 12 "
Weight 2768 g (88.99 troy ozs)