Antique spring-loaded silver playing cards box

Antique spring-loaded silver playing cards box

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Late Victorian antique handmade silver playing card box with glass panels front and back each showing a playing card. The box is spring loaded and holds two complete packs of gold rimmed playing cards, probably the originals.

Diamonds: Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester; Queen Elizabeth I; Henry VIII

Clubs: Edward, The Black Prince; Philippa, Queen of Edward III; King Edward III
Hearts: Edward, Prince of Wales; Eleanor, Queen of Henry III; King Henry III
Spades: George, Prince of Wales; Charlotte, Queen of George III; King George III

Playing cards were invented by the Chinese before AD1000 and reached Europe in the 14th century, probably via Persia and Egypt.  Card games became extremely popular and while they were played in all levels of society, a market emerged for making luxury playing cards appealing to the prosperous middle classes. By consequence, the salons of Victorian Britain started to feature decorative silver card boxes to further demonstrate their affluence.


Height 130 mm / 5 "
Width 80 mm / 3 14"
Depth 55 mm / 2 "