8-piece gothic style Victorian silver condiment cruet set

8-piece gothic style Victorian silver condiment cruet set

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Hand engraved antique silver cruet frame fitted with oblong base and raised on four scrolling supports. The eight cut glass bottles all originals and held in place by plain wirework rings, and four of them are fitted with hand-engraved and hallmarked silver tops. The hand engraving is delicate and crisp.

The condiments of the day would have included among others a combination of oil, vinegar, mustard, caster sugar, pepper, Tabasco, pepper, soy sauce and ketchup; not the thick bright red stuff we have today.

Cruet sets are thought to have originated in France before making their way to England. They were found on many dining tables from the 18th century and became the centrepiece of many a Victorian and Edwardian table. In a variety of designs, sometimes revolving ones, a standard set contained at least four different cruets or vessels for vinegar, salt, pepper and mustard; but sometimes offering up to ten.

The weight given is for the frame only.


Height 240 mm / 9 12"
Width 230 mm / 9 "
Depth 155 mm / 6 "
Weight 664 g (21.35 troy ozs)