Pair of Victorian silver fish servers

Pair of Victorian silver fish servers

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A spectacular and very unusual pair of antique silver fish servers. Both pieces are made in one section, with wonderfully detailed cast handles and handmade blade and fork prongs.

The handles feature various marine themes including masks of Neptune or Poseidon above entwined dolphins and fronds of seaweed. The bottoms of the handles are finished with oyster shells

The knife serving blade is beautifully hand-pierced and hand-engraved with a cherub riding on the back of a mythical sea creature that has the head of a bird and the tail of a fish, all set among reeds and aquatic foliage. The monogram of the original owner which looks to be WIB, or a combination of those letters, has been attractively and subtly incorporated into the design.

This pair of silver fish servers is presented in a new fitted case of American walnut.


Height 25 mm / 1 "
Width 335 mm / 13 12"
Depth 70 mm / 3"
Weight 488 g (15.69 troy ozs)