One date & maker hand-forged silver cutlery set by Paul Storr

One date & maker hand-forged silver cutlery set by Paul Storr


Impressive and superior quality antique silver cutlery set made by the 19th century royal silversmith to George IV, Paul Storr, in the Stag Hunt and Bacchanalian patterns. All pieces were made by Storr in 1822 and the total weight is 160.56 troy oz (4994g).

The main dining pieces (table knife, fork and spoon) are in the Staghunt pattern, representative of the meat courses for which these pieces would be used.
The top face of each piece features hounds bringing a stag to bay featuring a man holding back one of the hounds in high relief. The backs depict classical hunting paraphernalia motifs including arrows, quivers, hunting horns, daggers and bows.

The silver dessert set (dessert knife, fork and spoon) are in the Bacchanalian pattern which depicts scenes and paraphernalia of carousing and jollity to represent the sweet pudding courses.

Each piece of cutlery is engraved with a family crest of a stag passant and this fine silver cutlery service comprises:

Stag Hunt
12 table forks
12 table knives
12 tablespoons
3 piece carving set

12 dessert forks
12 dessert knives
12 dessert spoons

This antique silver cutlery set is not available for purchase online. If you would like more information or are interested to buy it, please contact us.


Weight 4994 g (160.56 troy ozs)