Pair of silver root tree candlesticks with giraffes & elephants

Pair of silver root tree candlesticks with giraffes & elephants

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This is a wonderful pair of candlesticks cast in sterling silver and modelled as African root trees with elephants on one and giraffes on the other. They are made in the distinctive style of Patrick Mavros and, like so much of his work, are satisfyingly heavy.

Starting in 1987, Patrick Mavros has created some extraordinary silver sculptures from his estate in Zimbabwe. All his pieces reflect his deep affinity for the country's wildlife, particularly the birds of prey. Crafting his pieces in silver expresses both the precious nature and essential purity of his subject-wildlife.
Most of his early pieces are one-offs and much sought after. Adopting the age-old art of lost-wax casting, Mavros created moulds which are used only once and ensure that every detail of the original model is present in the casting. Each resulting piece was individually handmade and heavy gauge.

This wonderful pair of silver candlesticks is not available to purchase online. Please get in touch if you would like more information or are interested to buy them.


Height 235 mm / 9 12"
Width 110 mm / 4 "
Depth 100 mm / 4"
Weight 2257 g (72.56 troy ozs)