3-piece antique Chinese silver tea set

3-piece antique Chinese silver tea set

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Classic Chinese silver tea set comprising teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl made in the Liang Sheng  良生 workshop. For thousands of years dragons have symbolised wisdom, harmony and prosperity in China and each piece of this charming antique silver tea set features hand-chased dragon motifs - finely detailed and in high relief - while the shaped handles are formed to emulate bamboo, another Chinese design cue.

The height mentioned is for the teapot with the handle raised. The interiors of the silver milk jug and silver sugar bowl, both 3" (78mm) tall, are gilded (vermeil).

Luen Wo was probably considered the best and among the most successful retail silversmiths in Shanghai. Although not as prolific as its contemporary equivalent in Canton, Wang Hing, the quality was definitely on a par. As with all Chinese retail silversmiths, Luen Wo used a bewildering number of artisan silversmiths, one of which was Liang Sheng.

Thank you to Adrien Von Ferscht (皇甫安) for sharing his knowledge. Adrien is considered the leading expert for Chinese export silver acting as an independent consultant and expert to museums, important private collections, academics and enthusiasts around the world.


Height 160 mm / 6 "
Diameter 160 mm / 6 "
Weight 752 g (24.18 troy ozs)