William IV antique silver teapot

William IV antique silver teapot

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Antique silver teapot from the William IV era in the early 19th century. The charming panelled body is surmounted by a domed and fluted cover with bun-and-bead detachable finial. The teapot features an elegant, fluted, swan-neck spout, an insulated handle and is mounted on a collet base. The teapot will serve approximately four or five cups of tea.

A silver teapot pours like no other and sterling silver is the perfect material for fashioning teapots:

· No other material can be fashioned into such elegant and detailed forms, reflect light as beautifully, and a perfectly formed silver teapot spout will never drip.

· Second only to diamonds, silver has the highest thermal conductivity of any material, meaning that tea leaves can be brewed at a higher temperature than in any other teapot, allowing the tea leaves to fully release their flavours.

· That same high thermal conductivity means a silver teapot will retain heat and keep tea hot for much longer.

· Unlike porcelain and ceramic teapots, silver is sturdy and long-lasting, does not shatter and the occasional dent can be debruised.


Height 150 mm / 6"
Width 200 mm / 8"
Weight 441 g (14.18 troy ozs)