Victorian silver inkstand

Victorian silver inkstand


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Antique sterling silver inkwell and stand, made in 1896, with a pretty cast border of scrolls, flowers, a delicate lattice detail and cherubs. The bottle is original and hand-cut glass with a simple silver lid, while there is a pen rest on either side or the bottle. All parts are fully hallmarked.

In 16th century Europe writing was considered to be a lowly task, and the aristocracy and upper classes would employ the services of a scribe or scrivener to write on their behalf using a quill pen and ink.

From the 17th century onwards, as the gentry began to undertake writing themselves, inkwells and inkstands became an essential accessory in every upper-class household. Silver, often combined with glass or crystal, was the most popular material used for inkstands and as well as having a practical use, some became more imposing and elaborate, often turning into decorative pieces in their own right.


Height 80 mm / 3 332"
Width 240 mm / 9 1332"
Depth 160 mm / 6 516"
Weight 414 g (13.31 troy ozs)