Victorian silver bone marrow scoop

Victorian silver bone marrow scoop

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Plain double-ended antique silver marrowbone scoop in the Old English Thread pattern and made by one of the best cutlery makers of the Victorian era - George Adams.

The back of the scoop is engraved with a family crest of a lion rampant with the motto
IN GOTT ALLEIN which translates as "In God alone".

Scoops to remove the delicacy that was marrow jelly from beef bones evolved from the earlier marrow spoon which was popular during the reign of Queen Anne (1707-1714). (Since neither forks nor fingers could get to the delicacy that was bone marrow, the marrow spoon was a combination of a regular spoon where the handle was formed into a narrow scoop for removing the marrow.)

Like this silver marrow
scoop, the characteristic form evolved to that of two different size scoops or gullies joined by a central stem; the different sizes to suit large or smaller bones. From the late 18th century marrow scoops were produced in various flatware patterns to complement silver cutlery sets.


Width 223 mm / 8 "
Weight 56 g (1.80 troy ozs)