Mid-century marine-themed Italian sterling silver fountain

Mid-century marine-themed Italian sterling silver fountain

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A massive and spectacular fountain centrepiece, hand-raised in sterling silver with cast and hand-chased decoration. The centre of the oval basin rises to a pinnacle surmounted by a figure of Neptune or Poseidon riding a mythological hippocampus (half horse, half fish) atop a breaking wave.

The extravagant basin is also hand-chased with a wave-effect base that has cast and applied marine ornamentation that includes lobsters, seashells, octopus, starfish, whales, fish, bare-breasted girls and more hippocampi. Water springs from a series of open mouths around the perimeter and on the central stem.

This exceptional piece contains more than 15 kg of silver and has a built-in motor to run the fountain, but the piece can equally be used as a serving dish for seafood or a floral display.

The silver fountain is not available to buy online. Please get in touch if you would like to purchase this magnificent piece.


Height 560 mm / 22 "
Width 950 mm / 37 "
Depth 780 mm / 30 "
Weight 15000 g (482.26 troy ozs)