Edwardian silver table bell

Edwardian silver table bell

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Classic antique silver table or desk bell with as twist mechanism to ring. The domed silver cover is a beautiful pierced silver apron resting on an ebonised wooden base.

Known as a desk bell, call bell or table bell, silver bells have been summoning others going back as far as the reign of George I at the start of the 18th century, and were designed as a typical cast hand bell. As a means of calling for attention, we frequently see and hear them in hotels calling for staff service.

In private homes throughout Europe and the United States, table bells were commonly used to beckon servants to the dining room. English custom however dictated that servants stay in the room throughout the meal so in this context bells did not feature so frequently.

It was the Victorians who introduced novelty silver bells in the late 19th century and models of dancing women, animals and other quirky designs can be found.


Height 75 mm / 3 14"
Diameter 100 mm / 4"