Niello-decorated Art Deco silver dresser set

Niello-decorated Art Deco silver dresser set

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Exceptional work by Henry George Murphy, this silver dressing table set is beautifully decorated in the Art Deco style in which he was working from the late 1920s onward. Each piece uses Murphy's characteristic niello detailing to great effect featuring rows of strong geometric Art Deco chevrons interspersed with stylised leaves.

The set comprises a hand mirror (with new glass), hairbrush, comb, clothes brush and hat brush, all in their original fitted box. The hairbrush and mirror have carved, fluted ivory end pieces and the brushes all have their original bristles.

Representing modernism, and one of the most exciting styles of the 20th century, Art Deco design originated in the 1920s and developed into a major style in Europe and the US during the 1930s. Individually crafted luxury items were created with the intention of creating a sleek and anti-traditional elegance that symbolised wealth and sophistication. As a style, Art Deco works are symmetrical, geometric, streamlined, often simple, and pleasing to the eye. Its easy adaptability suits any interior and still influences design today.

Note: Under the rules of the UK government's Ivory Act 2018, this silver dressing table set qualifies for an ivory exemption certificate.


Width 255 mm / 10 "
Depth 105 mm / 4 "