Set 12 antique silver asparagus eaters

Set 12 antique silver asparagus eaters

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Set of 12 antique Edwardian silver asparagus eaters, made in the simple, classic Old English pattern. In the 18th and 19th centuries, asparagus servers were created with the sole purpose of picking up and consuming asparagus!

Silver asparagus eaters, pinchers or tongs, introduced in the 19th century, are the cutlery for individual diners to eat their asparagus. Asparagus servers exist in two forms, the scissor-action version and the sprung U-shape like this set.

Britain's asparagus season kicks off on April 23rd - St George's Day - and given our penchant for eating fruits and vegetables in season, it is not uncommon to eat British asparagus every single day across a four-to-six-week period.  It can grow up to 100mm in one day, can cure hangovers and improve your libido! King Louis XIV, Thomas Jefferson and Queen Victoria were all ardent fans of the vegetable.


Width 90 mm / 3 "
Weight 229 g (7.36 troy ozs)