De Vecchi

"The preciousness of a piece of jewellery should not be evaluated purely based on its content of precious or semi-precious stones; it is essential to take into account the quality of the workmanship, the precision of the finish and the wearability of the piece: every detail is important." - Cesare De Vecchi

Milan-born Cesare De Vecchi followed in the family tradition by becoming a goldsmith and jeweller.

Having trained during the difficult years of post-war Italy, he began to ply his trade at his father's workshop. Over time, he developed a comprehensive mastery of all of the phases in the processing of a piece of jewellery: from the initial concept to the details of the execution. It is difficult to define whether his creations are objects of high craftsmanship or bona fide works of art; what is certain is that they are the fruit of a time-honoured understanding and an extraordinary level of precision.

Always in synch with current trends, De Vecchi has managed to develop a unique, inimitable style, characterised by great originality, ranging confidently from more classical stylistic features to forms typical of Art Déco and Art Nouveau, even throwing himself wholeheartedly into avant-garde designs.

Hard-headed and determined, he has worked as a goldsmith for more than fifty years, promoting both in Italy and overseas his unique pieces as the epitome of the very best in Italian manufacturing.