Seawanhaka International Challenge Cup

Seawanhaka International Challenge Cup

This is an example of a private commission.  

Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, one of America's premier yachting trophies was recreated by Langfords in London.

Standing more than 40" high, an impressive sterling silver replica of America's oldest continuously contested trophy for international small yachts was recreated by our silversmiths and installed in its new home at the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club (SCYC) in Oyster Bay, New York State.

The cup had been on loan to the Southern Yacht Club (SYC) in New Orleans, the second oldest yacht club in America and winners of the celebrated Seawanhaka International Challenge Cup competition in 2005. When Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans in August that year, she took the clubhouse and the Seawanhaka Cup it its concrete and glass case in her wake.

There had been a recent insurance appraisal description but no detailed visual record of the cup beyond four digital photographs taken through a Plexiglas display case.

We knew it would be difficult to build a faithful reproduction but, thanks to our highly skilled silversmiths, Langfords was able to reconstruct this prestigious trophy in meticulous detail and with all the craft and expertise that would have been applied when it was first made in 1896. Indeed, we believe the quality of the workmanship in the new model was as good as or better than the original.

Charles Hatton, former Chairman of the Models, Lines & Artefacts Committee at Seawanhaka commented: "We knew we had to find skilled craftsmen who could recreate such a magnificent and important trophy but with little material evidence to assist them. I knew of London's reputation and tradition for fine silversmithing and went to Langfords in The London Silver Vaults."

We were sorry to see it leave the shop. It had been a great discussion piece and one that beautifully demonstrated what excellent skills we still boast to create wonderful trophies and heirlooms for the future.

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Height 1020 mm / 40 "
Width 370 mm / 14 "