Pair Georgian style silver sauce boats

Pair Georgian style silver sauce boats


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Modern pair of elegant boat-shaped silver sauce boats or gravy boats in the early Georgian style. The oval bodies have reeded rims and loop handles and each is mounted on a simple collet foot.

Also known as a gravy boat or saucière, the silver sauceboat was a French-inspired addition to the dining table in the late 17th century. The first examples were double-lipped and featured two handles but by the early 18th century had evolved into the form we are more familiar with today, with a broad pouring lip and single handle. Some silver sauceboats were accompanied by silver ladles and/or matching saucers. See that word again!

Early silver sauceboats stood on one central foot and were simple in their design. They evolved to sit on three feet and their decoration became more ornate in the Regency period of the late 1700s when the handle became a major decorative feature and the rims embellished.

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Height 150 mm / 5.906"
Width 168 mm / 6.614"
Depth 91 mm / 3.583"
Weight 554 g (17.81 troy ozs)