RAF II Squadron Spitfire

RAF II Squadron Spitfire

This scale model of a Spitfire Mk XIX PS915 was commissioned for RAF II Squadron, originally formed in 1912 as an armoured car company, to celebrate its 85th anniversary in 1997. Each body panel was made entirely by hand and given a textured finish with finely hand-engraved detail.

The model was presented at the commemorative dinner during which a real Spitfire roared overhead, skimming the trees and causing consternation and amusement in equal measure.

We have used traditional silversmithing methods to create the model, first fashioning the form in wax, then casting in sections, making certain shapes from sheet silver, soldering together all the components, and then chasing and hand engraving in the detailing.

This is an example of a bespoke commission. Please get in touch to discuss your own ideas; we can make anything in silver.