Engraving style chart

Engraving style chart



Hand engraving gives the most elegant finish and brings depth and character to the silver. We offer a wide range of styles and finishes; traditional hand engraving, machine engraving and CAD engraving with the latest hi-tech machines. Modern laser engraving and photo-etching are also available.

● Inscriptions & initials
● Crests & coats-of-arms
● Company logos
● All languages eg Chinese, Russian, Hebrew
● Facsimile engraving of your own handwriting or signature
● Images copied from photographs
● Freehand artwork

Quotations and guaranteed deadlines will be given prior to any work being undertaken. If, for any reason, your piece is unsuitable for engraving or etching we have alternative ideas to enable you to personalise your gifts. For instance: wood or stone plinths with silver bands are perfect for trophies that require annual winners' names and adds prestige to the award.