Pair Fiddle pattern silver fish servers

Pair Fiddle pattern silver fish servers


This Victorian silver Fiddle fish serving fork and slice set is prettily hand-pierced with sinuous scrolling decoration on the head of each piece.

The precursor to fish servers was the fish slice. Made of silver or silver plate, the fish slice featured a flat, symmetrical blade designed for serving fish at the table and first appeared in the mid-1700s. About 100 years later the Victorians adapted the form to a wide scimitar-shaped blade, often pierced and engraved, with a flat or decorative cast handle, and then accompanied by a wide-tined matching fork. Hence the advent of the silver and silver-plated fish servers.

The best examples of silver and silver-plated fish servers are often finely pierced and embellished with engraved marine motifs, mother-of-pearl or carved ivory handles. Aside from their beauty, they are practical too. The broad blade helps lift the fish while keeping it in one piece, and the sharp point of the blade is useful to peel away fish bones.

Martin Hall & Co was one of the best known British silver and silver plate manufacturers. participating in many international exhibitions including the Crystal Palace Great Exhibition in 1851.


Width 320 mm / 12 "
Weight 290 g (9.32 troy ozs)