Silver swan box

Silver swan box

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Lovely and finely detailed antique sterling silver box in the form of a swan and with a hand-chased body. In Celtic mythology and folklore, and throughout other cultures around the world, the swan is associated with affairs of the heart. Swan are a symbol of love or fidelity perhaps because of their own long-lasting, apparently monogamous, relationships. Since ancient times, swans have been associated with tranquillity and nobility. Their high status is likely to have originated because of their perceived beauty and natural behaviour; they are solitary birds, strong and aggressively protective of their young but at the same time graceful and elegant on the water.

The pseudo hallmarks struck to the underside show the maker's initials KKK for Karl Kurz who manufactured items of silverware in Kesselstadt, Germany. The import marks show it was imported and hallmarked in London in 1901.


Height 95 mm / 4"
Width 105 mm / 4 "
Weight 127 g (4.08 troy ozs)