Set six mid-century silver & gilt Champagne flutes

Set six mid-century silver & gilt Champagne flutes

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Set stylish mid-century Champagne flutes with tapering cone-shaped stems and circular bases decorated in a mottled pattern and gilded. The hand-hammered bowls also have gilded interiors to create a most attractive and elegant appearance. This is a typical design from Stuart Devlin.

At Langfords, we stock a large selection of antique and contemporary silverware from some of the most collectable silversmiths, including Stuart Devlin, Paul Storr, George Adams, Omar Ramsden and De Vecchi.

Who is Stuart Devlin?

In the 1960s, with old silversmithing techniques dying out, Devlin cut the chains of tradition and developed new techniques and experimented with old ones, to create radically different designs. His unique approach incorporated intricate silver-gilt decoration to produce a wide variety of tactile surfaces and filigree forms instead of just plain silver.

Gilded filigree is an important design motif of his large centrepieces and candelabra, while silver-gilt features in Champagne flutes, goblets and beakers. His distinctive Easter egg and Christmas box curios, now collectors' items, are instantly recognisable as his.

Among his most popular commissions, Devlin designed coins for 36 countries throughout the world, including the UK, and precious medals and coins for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Granted the Royal Warrant of Appointment as a goldsmith and jeweller by the late Queen Elizabeth II, Devlin said his justification for being a goldsmith was to enrich the way people live and work.


Height 182 mm / 7 "
Diameter 68 mm / 3"
Weight 1198 g (38.52 troy ozs)