Contemporary Dartington crystal hoggett decanter

Contemporary Dartington crystal hoggett decanter

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This hand-blown Dartington crystal decanter is a contemporary take on the tradtional hoggett with a simple collect foot to the silver bowl. A hoggett is a particular decanter most often used for serving port.

Etiquette suggests the port should never be allowed to stop in front of anyone except the host. Guests are handed the decanter, pour themselves a glass, and the spherical shape means they have no option but to pass the port down the table to the left until it reaches its silver stand - back in front of the host. Unable to "hog it" guests are saved from the ultimate faux pas in port bad manners!

Any recipient would be delighted to receive this silver and crystal decanter as a birthday, anniversary or retirement gift and the silver bowl can be personalised with engraving.


Height 325 mm / 13 "