Meiji Japanese silver bowl

Meiji Japanese silver bowl


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This beautiful naturalistic, Meiji, Japanese, silver bowl is made in a gently tapering circular form and adorned with brilliantly hand-carved irises rising from a gentle winding stream. The delicate flowers are carved in exceptionally high relief, while the slow-moving water is represented by a series of softly engraved wavy lines; a design technique specific to Japanese arts.

Based in Yokohama and colloquially known as the Asprey of Asia, Kühn & Komor established one of the Meiji period's (1868-1912) most important silversmithing workshops, and retailed extremely fine silverware and decorative arts for the European market. Many of K&K's silversmiths were former Samurai after their warrior culture was outlawed. The Meiji silversmiths were so highly regarded that the leading British firms sent their staff to learn - or rather steal - the secrets of the Samurai.

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Height 70 mm / 2.756"
Diameter 140 mm / 5.512"
Weight 210 g (6.75 troy ozs)