Indian colonial silver egg basket

Indian colonial silver egg basket

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Antique handmade and hand-chased oval box and cover in the form of a nesting chicken. The ultimate chicken-in-a-basket! Featuring typical Kutch design motifs, the base is adorned with intricate scrolling coriander leaves and even the underside of the base is similarly decorated. The chicken is richly decorated with layers of feathering. It would make an ideal egg box sweets, biscuits or chocolate eggs!

Kutch (Cutch) silver was the most popular of the Indian silver styles and is defined by its scrolling foliate patterns which are clear and crisp as well as intricate and detailed. Among these patterns, the silversmith embossed depictions of animals, birds and people. Most pieces do not have any maker's mark and the presence of a maker's mark is not a requirement for high quality.

Indian colonial silver refers to pieces produced in India for a European clientele from 1790 - when the East India Company began trading in Calcutta - until 1947 when India gained independence from the British Raj.


Height 155 mm / 6 "
Width 160 mm / 6 "
Weight 476 g (15.30 troy ozs)