Silver light utility aircraft model

Silver light utility aircraft model

Britten-Norman, UK aircraft manufacturer, commissioned Langfords to re-create the Islander and the Defender aircraft in silver. We were provided with exact specifications and plans and were therefore able to recreate accurate models.

The models produced, using both the latest technologies as well as traditional silversmithing skills, are personalised in various ways to denote the specific aircraft and reflect the recipient; then personalised further with hand-engraved inscriptions. At each stage of production we kept the client up to date with images of the aircraft being made, enabling the client to critique the model and make modifications until they were entirely satisfied.

The finished aeroplanes and their stands are lacquered using a modern, non-cracking or yellowing finish that will keep the model looking new for many years without the need for polishing.

We also designed and provided bespoke presentation cases and literature in the firm's corporate colours.

This is an example of a private commission.  Please get in touch to discuss your own ideas; we can make anything.