Antique model partridge

Antique model partridge

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A beautifully modelled figure of a partridge, made in Germany and bearing English import hallmarks for London, 1910. It is fully hand-chased to give a lifelike finish and the wings are hinged.

Berthold Müller, an agent in London and Chester, was the most notable importer of German silverware and enjoyed a long and successful business relationship with Neresheimer & Co, a noteworthy and prolific silver manufacturer in Hanau, Germany. Like Neresheimer, a large number of Hanau silversmiths produced silver objects for export to England and the USA.

By law, German silver is usually marked "800" indicating 800/1000 parts silver, but since a large quantity of Hanau silver was made specifically for the English and American export markets, Hanau pieces could only be made legal in their destination country by being crafted in the higher sterling silver standard - 925/1000. Like this piece, many of Müller's pieces were hallmarked with English import marks confirming that they indeed met British hallmarking standards.


Height 145 mm / 6"
Depth 220 mm / 8 "
Weight 480 g (15.43 troy ozs)