Pair antique Adam-style pierced silver bowls

Pair antique Adam-style pierced silver bowls

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Pair of good quality Victorian hand-pierced silver bowls or baskets in the Adam style, reminiscent of the 1790's in shape and design. The bowls have finely detailed cast and applied rims and medallions - typical of the Adam style.

The Adam style is a neoclassical style of architecture and interior design from the 18th century. The style is named after three Scottish architect brothers of whom James Adam and Robert Adam were the most widely known, and their sphere of influence stretched across Europe and the USA.

The Adam style was deeply influenced by Roman and Greek classical architecture. The design cues included decorative motifs such as dancing nymphs, arabesque vine scrolls, vases, urns, and tripods, pilasters and framed medallions.

During the Industrial Revolution, Britain was booking and its city populations tripled between 1760 and 1800. Architects were hired to bring a new modern and elegant style to the improving cities and the work of the Adam brothers became central to designing and influencing more elegance and lightness in buildings and interiors.

These sterling silver baskets are an example of a period of Adam style revival in interiors, furniture, silverware and porcelain that occurred between the 1880s and 1920s.


Height 140 mm / 5 "
Width 330 mm / 13 "
Weight 1390 g (44.69 troy ozs)