Victorian Bead pattern meat or fish serving fork

Victorian Bead pattern meat or fish serving fork

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Antique Victorian Bead pattern silver fish or cold meat fork with a crisply hand-pierced and hand-engraved flower pattern top the face.

George Adams was the most important manufacturer of silver cutlery in London and participated in the 1851 Great Exhibition and the 1862 International Exhibition. Their pattern book circa 1875 is the reference for naming many of the patterns manufactured in the Victorian era. Made by one of the most important manufacturers of silver cutlery in London, George Adams, the fork tines of this lovely silver fork are perfectly sharp and it is suitable for serving fish or cold meats.

It was Hester Bateman in the 1780s, the pre-eminent English lady silversmith, who introduced the simple beaded border on the Old English shape creating a neoclassical style that reflected the popularity of bead jewellery of the time and the pattern's popularity carried on into the nineteenth century.


Width 262 mm / 10 "
Weight 132 g (4.24 troy ozs)