Hand-forged Old English silver cutlery set for 18

Hand-forged Old English silver cutlery set for 18

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This is a stunning antique one-date-and-maker set of hand-forged Old English pattern silver cutlery made by premier London cutlery makers George Jackson & David Fullerton.

Originating in the 1750s, Old English pattern with its simple clean lines, showing a single thumbnail to the reverse of the bowl and the pip on the front of the forks and the back of the spoons, is the definitive British flatware pattern and remains the most popular pattern through to the present day.

This silver cutlery set comprises:

18 table forks
18 dessert forks
18 tablespoons
18 dessert spoons
18 teaspoons
1 soup ladle
2 sauce ladles
1 basting spoon

Antique knives rarely survive and so this set is completed with 18 pairs of new silver, dishwasher-safe, table and dessert knives, all with stainless steel blades and dishwasher safe.

Old English is the classic and definitive flatware pattern that was first produced in the middle of the 18th century and continues to this day. Like this cutlery service, sets made at the end of the Victorian era and through to the end of the First World War represent the zenith of quality in both workmanship and gauge of silver used in the making.

This silver cutlery set is not available for purchase online. If you are interested to buy it, please get in touch.


Weight 3842 g (123.52 troy ozs)