3-branch antique silver épergne centrepiece

3-branch antique silver épergne centrepiece

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Versatile antique silver épergne centrepiece, fitted with a large central dish plus three detachable silver dishes and cone-shaped vases, each beautifully decorated with hand pierced rims in a lattice and bud design. The arms radiate from the cast, open-work frame to hold the dishes and vases, and the whole rests on open-work cast supports.

Originating in France, the first épergnes appeared on English dining tables around 1720 and were long and low with a bowl in the centre and sweetmeat dishes at each end. More elaborate designs evolved towards the beginning of the 19th century when épergnes became taller with a central dish surrounded by scrolling arms and hanging baskets. Traditionally made in silver, an épergne generally has a large central bowl or basket sitting on three to five feet. From this central bowl radiate branches supporting small baskets, dishes, or candleholders. There may be between two and seven branches and host a variety of foods, flowers or candles.


Height 315 mm / 12 "
Width 480 mm / 19"
Weight 2800 g (90.02 troy ozs)